Postponement of March 2021 Willow Days

Postponement of March 2021 Willow Days – Tues 2nd March

Copy of the email sent out today to those due to attend one of my March Willow Days.  My postponement emails/news unfortunately feels now like a broken record, but once I can get clarification on whether or not I can begin teaching again from Step 2 (12th April) I can let everyone know of my new postponed teaching dates for late May, June and July. Sarah X


Dear, (insert name of wonderful would be weaving woman or man…)

Firstly, I hope that each of you and your families are doing well.

As all of you will have undoubtedly already realised, sadly I am having to postpone our Willow Day together.

Thank you to each of you who have already made contact with me about our March Willow Day. Please accept my apologies that I haven’t already individually replied to you, homeschooling my 2 girls as well as trying to bring in an income through commissions has kept me rather busy!

I do realise that for some of you we are now heading into Willow Day Covid-19 postponement x2 or x3 territory. I’m sure that you can (still!) appreciate that this is a place I never wanted to be and that I was so looking forward to our day together. Having successfully taught within the Covid-19 guidelines in September and October, not only my own Willow Days at Coates English Willow but also basketmaking workshops for other South West organisations, I know that I can successfully teach you within social distancing guidelines and government guidelines. It is now just a question of when I can teach you!

I was pleased that on the 22nd February the government announced their Roadmap plan for easing lockdown. However, both for self-employed teachers such as myself who independently run workshops and for those teaching vocational courses in institutions, there is still uncertainty as to whether we are able to recommence teaching when we reach Step 2 on the 12th April or Step 3 on the 17th May! I am currently awaiting further guidance…

My current plan is to organise extra Willow Day dates in late May, June and July 2021 at Coates English Willow for everyone who has had their Willow Day postponed. As much as it is possible to, I am aiming to offer you a selection of dates that will include your particular Willow Day on the same day of the week as before. When I’ve got confirmation of dates and our classroom booked with Coates I will get back in contact with you. I really do hope that you are amenable to this and think of our new date as something to really look forward to during the coming months. If however you would now like a refund please do let me know.

For more information on how I have survived this past year, and how determined I am to continue to teach and make in this incredible heritage craft form that I love, you are more than welcome to read my news articles at or follow me on Instagram at ‘sarah_le_breton’. With your willingness to postpone our Willow Day together, you have already saved my livelihood and I am incredibly grateful, all your support means the world to me. On a positive note, (which like us all I really do need at the moment!), I am now undertaking a business development programme especially designed for craftspeople. I am hoping that this will be the catalyst for me to push forward and still achieve my long held willow weaving ambitions, not just for myself, but so that we can try and save commercial basketmaking and willow growing in the UK.

I look forward to getting back in contact with you soon but meanwhile if you have any questions please do email or call me on 07905 342091.

Very best wishes to you and your loved ones.
Sarah X


The feature photo shows 7 lovely ladies all with their newly made baskets after one of my Willow Days in Autumn 2019.