2 Places now Available for the23rd June Willow Bird Sculpture Day

2 Places now Available for the 23rd June Willow Bird Sculpture Day

Due to late cancellations I do now have 2 places available for Wednesday’s workshop.

If you are interested, please do look at all the details on my website Courses Page and phone me on 07905 342091 (For the rest of the day I’m in my workshop working on a commission and will not be monitoring my emails).

Despite originally having 7 people on a waiting list for this date, I have already allocated these folks to the workshop, other Willow Animal Sculpture Day workshops in July or they are no longer able to attend.  Even though under my t&c’s, at this late stage I am not obliged to fill someone’s place, I always hope to do so, thus enabling them to be transferred to a later workshop date.

It’s always worth contacting me about the current availability of my workshops.  Even if the Willow Day that you would like to book onto is fully booked on my website courses page, due to the way life as it is at the moment, cancellations do occur, often at very short notice.


Hoping to release my September – December Willow Day dates to my gift voucher holders asap, then to my MailChimp list in the following week.  If you haven’t done so already, sign up to my MailChimp newsletter at www.sarahlebreton.co.uk/contact  You’ll receive my news and next set of Willow Day Workshop dates before they’re released to the general public.

Another busy week ahead, teaching 3 Willow Day workshops at Coates English Willow.  However, the rush material harvesting is done!  A wonderful sunny day last Wednesday in the River Isle and another bitterly cold, finger and feet numbing one on Saturday.  Having transported the rushes home, I now have a vehicle that contains a distinct whiff of river, (and probably some leeches too).  Hoping for more sunshine and time to keep up with my commissions! Sarah X