Out of the Devon 'office' and off on Scottish adventures, (there maybe a delay in my replying to your emails!) - 25/7/22

Out of the Devon ‘office’ and off on Scottish adventures – 25/7/22

I’m very excited to over the next 6 weeks be heading off on a long Scotland road trip.  I’m on purpose aiming for wild and remote places, (which in reality will probably mean that I’ll have faster wifi and better phone reception than at my home in Devon), but I will be taking longer to reply to your emails and booking enquiries.  I will aim though to get back to you as soon as I can.

Looking forward to returning to teach in my new venue in Devon, (there’s a few workshop places up until December still available, head to my website Courses page for more details and to book).

Wish me luck – just found out that the AA don’t do islands but having got Nigella my campervan as trip ready as possible I’m keeping my fingers very crossed that she’ll do us grand! Sarah X