Training at the Basketmaker's Association Spring School in York, (Apologies - I may be slower at replying to your enquiries and emails during the 7th-13th April)

I’m so excited!  I’m finally getting to attend the Basketmaker’s Association Spring School in York where I will be on a week long course learning how to make a square work tool basket with the highly talented Eddie Glew.

Having wanted to attend this school for years, this opportunity has only been made possible for me through a bursary from the Basketmaker’s Association.  I’m incredibly appreciative of this bursary as it is not only enabling me to learn square work techniques with Eddie Glew and meet the basketmaking community, but I’m able to also now afford to pay Eddie Barnard, (one of the last of the great commercial basketmakers on the Somerset Levels), for regular training.

This does however mean that I may be slower in replying to your emails and online enquiries between the 7th & 13th April.  Your enquiries and bookings are important to me and I will respond as soon as I can, but with such a full on basket making itinerary, including the workshop and evening lectures, I’m not sure how much spare time I will have!  To paraphrase Eddie Glew, “It’s so good to spend such an amount of time among other basket making nerds!”

Wish me luck… and fingers crossed Nigella my campervan gets me up to York.  With an average termpature forecast of 10c degrees for the week, and no independent heating in my van, I’m just about to pack my camper with a mountain of blankets and hot water bottles.  I’m sure the cold nights will be worth it! Sarah X