Treasure - Angler's Basket

Treasure – Angler’s Basket – 17/4/23

When I find a willow basket, object or chair that I believe deserves special attention I feature it in the Treasure section on the projects page of my website.  This time it’s my Angler’s Basket, also known as a Fisherman’s Creel.

Having always been drawn to this basket’s rather sculptural pouch shape and the fine ripple like movement of it’s weave, I was lucky enough to obtain one a couple of years ago.  Believed to be Victorian in age, this skeined willow basket, which involves incredible skill to make, was most likely made in France.  You can find out more by clicking on this link: Treasures

I believe that the treasures I collect are not to be hidden away, preserved in aspic, but all have places in my life, allowing me to admire them everyday. I do occasionally use this basket, not for it’s original purpose of holding fish but to carry important bits and pieces in my campervan!