Willow Sculpture Days May - July 2017

I will be releasing the days and dates for my May – July 2017 Willow Sculpture Days in early February.  To be among the first to receive this info and be able to book prior to their general release, please sign up on this website to my publicity mailing list.  I’m currently experiencing 3 -4 enquires per day for my courses (which is amazing!) and truly appreciate your patience in waiting a couple of weeks more for these dates.  I would really love to release the days to you right now but am currently juggling willow commissions, projects, teaching and existing booking admin. I know that until February I’m unable to give Sculpture Day bookings my full and deserved attention.

Thank you again for your patience and I do hope that you will join me later this year to create some fantastic willow animal sculptures! ps.  If you know of a truly superb admin fairy then do please get in touch!