Workshops Update & I'm taking a Break! 27/7/21

Workshops Update & I’m taking a Break! 27/7/21

Thank you for all your bookings for my September – December Willow Day workshops.  It’s great to know that come the Autumn I will be teaching both lovely regulars and wonderful newbies!

As of today, all my Willow Day workshops are fully booked apart from the following availability:

3 places available for the 2 Day Traditional Round English Basket on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November.

5 places available for the Garden Basket Willow Day on Wednesday 8th December.

3 places available for the general Basket Willow Day on Thursday 9th December.

For more details and to book your place please head to my Courses webpage and click on the “Booking Enquiry Form”.


Having combined teaching 27 workshops in 3 months alongside commissions et all, I’m now taking a well earned break until the end of August.  I’m so glad that I have now got my business back on track to almost as it was pre- Covid, but this has meant that I, and my family, really do now need some R&R.

First up is heading off into Wales in Nigella my campervan for a couple of weeks with my girls.  Then I’m off on another one of my Scottish adventures.  After much work on her interior during the winter lockdown (doing this helped to keep me sane!) this will be the first summer that Nigella can venture out in all her beauty.  I’m so excited that I’ll now be driving her complete with new upholstery, willow storage baskets and rush accessories.  This is when my campervan becomes less of my work horse and more of the fun, soul filled adventuring machine that she’s meant to be!

However, heading off into the wilds and my need for connection to nature and disconnection from technology does mean that my replying to your bookings and emails will take a little longer.  Please be patient with me!

I know from my last summer’s road trip adventures that feeling rejuvenated, inspired and relaxed is key to my creativity and well-being and that those experiences carried me through the rest of 2020 into 2021.  I really hope that I will not need to pull quite so much on such reserves for another year, but I truly know that it’s best to immerse myself within wonderful landscapes, be with beautiful people and live life to the fullest!  Wishing you a good summer too, Sarah X

PS. The featured image is of Nigella last August, finally reaching the west coast of the Isle of Mull, (a place I’d longed to go to for decades).  Who knew that within a few hours of me taking this photo I would be watching an absolutely incredible sunset surrounded by a very merry band of modern day vikings, swimming into Fingal’s cave at Staffa and whale spotting!