September - December 2019 Willow Sculpture Days

Awaiting my next set of 16 Willow Sculpture Day dates?  If so, and you’re already signed up to my MailChimp publicity email, you’ll be receiving an email from me early next week.  Following this, at the end of next week I will be doing a general release of these September – December dates.

Alongside my ever popular Willow Animal and Reindeer Sculpture Days I will now be teaching more basket led sculpture days.  Using either my stake and strand method, freeweaving technique, or the Zarzo method you will be able to create your very own unique basket that can be used and cherished for years to come.  I have also created a Flower Lantern & Lampshade Sculpture Day at which you can get inspired and make a stunning lighting feature for your home or garden.

Once you have chosen your date, please book your place/s by filling out my online enquiry form  Click on this link or head to my Courses page

I look forward to teaching you in the Autumn! Sarah X