Monthly Archives: January 2019

Twit Twoo, Twin T-Where?!

Do what? Where was I on The Twinstitute TV programme last night? Where was the willow weaving creativity boosting your brain power experiment? Weaving a willow owl didn’t make the final cut! My mum put it … Read More

Book Now for May - August 2019 Willow Sculpture Days &... watch BBC2's Twinstitute tonight!!

I've just opened bookings for the 14 Willow Animal & Basket Sculpture Days that I will be teaching May - August 2019 at Coates English Willow on the Somerset Levels. Find all the details, including how … Read More

How I just love teaching a Willow Basket Sculpture Day!

Last Friday the 18th January I had the privilege of teaching one of my Willow Sculpture Basket Days to a really lovely group of people at Coates English Willow on the Somerset Levels. The day was … Read More

Nigella Goes Bananas!

It had to happen at sometime... on Sunday my camper van Nigella met the AA breakdown service for the first time. Well after all her luxury of sitting for years looking out over the Bristol … Read More

Willow by Jenny Crisp - Book Review

Since mid October (when this eagerly anticipated book was released), at every Willow Sculpture Day that I've taught I've been enthusing  about Jenny Crisp's fantastic new book 'Willow' and the woven projects within. Having now had … Read More