Monthly Archives: October 2017

Booking Form Update

Following releasing my January - April 2018 Willow Sculpture Day dates to my MailChimp publicity mailing list last Wednesday 11th October I've had a high demand for these days and taken over 40 bookings.  At … Read More

New Sculptural Basket Workshops for 2018!

Having fallen in love with basket making, I've recently developed 3 new unique willow Sculpture Days that combine my love of basketry techniques with a sculptural twist. Those of you who've attended my Willow Animal Sculpture … Read More

Finally... my dream workshop!

This early Autumn I have put all my DIY skills to use to renovate and create my workshop space.  Having spent 5 years making do with an unfinished work space that in the summer was … Read More

Willow Deer Commission Ageing Well!

Recently I received a lovely email containing this photograph of a Willow Mother and Baby Roe Deer that I created 5 years ago.  Their owners contacted me to say how much they have enjoyed these … Read More