Fantastic Willow Flower Lantern Sculpture Day Review

I enjoyed so much teaching my Willow Flower Lantern Sculpture Day last Friday 8th June.  Having prototyped the lantern and developed this course myself, it was an absolute pleasure to teach and see what everyone created.

It was brilliant to have such a glowing review via from participant Kate,

“A truly amazing course at an excellent venue. Sarah is very enthusiastic about her craft and strikes exactly the right balance between instruction and allowing students to try things for themselves. I came away inspired (but exhausted) and the proud owner of a willow lantern!”

Thanks to Kate I received this!

I also received lovely feedback and photos from Morag, (see large image for Morag’s Flower Lantern in situ)

“Hi Sarah thanks again for a super day. I’m sure I’ll be signing up for another session some time this year.”