Mailing List Publicity Glitch

Due to a technical glitch, (that I am yet to fathom out any rhyme or reason to), I have found out that my MailChimp publicity email ‘Courses & News’ detailing my January – April 2019 Willow Sculpture Day dates did not reach a substantial number of those of you on my mailing list.

If you have already signed up to my mailing list and not seen Willow Sculpture Day dates for 2019 please do go find them on my Courses webpage.  I’m currrently remedying this situation as best I can!  Sarah X

p.s.  If over the next few days you find that you’ve now received 2 copies of my latest MailChimp email listing my January – April 2019 please accept my apologies for this duplication.  I came to the conclusion that I thought you’d rather have 2 copies of my next set of courses than no information at all!