Postponement of January 2021 Willow Days - Sat 2nd Jan

Postponement of January 2021 Willow Days – Sat 2nd Jan

Copy of the email sent out to those due to attend a January Willow Day. Sarah X


Firstly I hope that each of you and your families are having a good New Year.

I had really hoped that by now Covid-19 would have been in retreat and that we could have all met for our wonderful Willow Day in January. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and with West Somerset, (the home of our venue Coates English Willow), having recently been placed in tier 4 and with us all either in tier 3 and 4, I am currently unable to teach you.

I do realise that for some of you we are now heading into Willow Day Covid-19 postponement on postponement territory. I’m sure that you can appreciate that this is a place I never wanted to be and that I was so looking forward to our day together. Having successfully taught within the Covid-19 guidelines in September and October, not only my own Willow Days at Coates English Willow but also basketmaking workshops for other South West organisations, I know that as soon as we return to a similar level or tier I will be able to teach you.

What I am going to do is organise extra Willow Day dates in the late Spring / early Summer 2021 at Coates English Willow for everyone who has had their Willow Day postponed. I will do my very best to try and keep your workshop to the same day of the week.

There will only be a skeleton staff at Coates from next Monday, it may therefore take me a week or so to arrange these new dates, but as soon as I can get confirmation of dates and our classroom booked I will get back in contact with you. I really do hope that you are amenable to this and think of our new date as something to really look forward to during the coming months. If however you would now like a refund please do let me know.

For more information on how I have survived so far this year, and how determined I am to continue to teach and make in this incredible heritage craft form that I love, you are more than welcome to read my news articles at Many of you, with your willingness to postpone our Willow Day together, both previously and now, have already in effect saved my livelihood and I am incredibly grateful, all your support means the world to me.

Meanwhile if you have any questions please do email or call me on 07905 342091.

Very best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2021.
Sarah X