Taking A Break 4th - 21st August

Taking A Break 4th – 21st August

During this time I will have limited access to my emails, website enquiries and possibly phone messages, so therefore not anticipating to be able to respond to you until after the 21st August.

I’m delivering a willow lighting commission to Scotland and then off on a campervan road trip on the West coast.  This is the first time in 13 years that I will have a decent amount of time to myself and furthermore after the year we’ve had so far I really do need it!

I know that an essential part of being able to be creative, to keep inspiration flowing and to be the best teacher I can be is to have time to rest, creatively play and find inspiration for myself.  So I’m looking after myself and heading off into the wilds…

Please be patient with me, I will respond to you upon my return. Sarah X