Featured Maker at MAKE Southwest Nov '21 - Jan '22

Featured Maker at MAKE Southwest Nov ’21 – Jan ’22

As their first ever Featured Maker, from November – January at MAKE Southwest I showed a collection of my work.  Whole willow chair seating, lighting pieces and my new range of willow backpacks nestled alongside my newly designed more sculptural baskets.

I love exploring taking traditional English willow weaving techniques and giving them a modern twist.  Increasingly other materials, such as rush, leather and metal are now also coming into play.

MAKE Southwest, (formerly known as the Devon Guild of Craftsman), represent over 250 makers and are committed to promote making practices through their education charity and champion creativity through a programme of free craft exhibitions.

As a full time professional maker whose livelihood  depends upon a combination of commissions and teaching, the last 2 years have provided me with a roller-coaster of challenges.  However, this has convinced me more than ever to forge ahead, to take a leap into designing and creating in my own unique style, one that fulfills my soul.

Thank you to MAKE Southwest for this great opportunity.  It was an absolutely pleasure to have a taster of my new work on display.

To find out more about my lighting, furniture or basket collection please head to My Work webpage.

Sarah X