Willow Day Workshop Testimonial

Willow Day Workshop Testimonial – 28th January 2022

When you receive feedback from one of your lovely Zarzo basket Willow Day Workshop students like this, well you just want to share it!  Having been through the roller coaster of this past couple of years that still continues to roll on and impact on all our work and lives, when I receive an email post workshop like this one, well it makes me in my tired state very happy!

“Dear Sarah,
Thank you for a wonderful day, yesterday.
Your enthusiasm, energy and passion for willow, baskets and weaving was infectious and inspiring.
I felt very well taken care of. As a beginner to basket making, I felt like I had a good understanding of the technique by the end of the workshop and a beautiful basket too!
Although the facilities were a little basic, your warmth and care made me feel welcome and cosy. I also enjoyed the setting, catching a glimpse of a curious robin and a heron billowing across the sky.
Doing a basket in a day, is indeed hard work and I was glad of a soak and my dinner when I got home. However, I thought it was paced well….
Hopefully I will get to do some more basket weaving in the future. In the meantime, I think that you are a real champion for the craft (art) and a custodian of a part of our human heritage for which I personally thank you.
I hope you managed to stay warm in your van and that your course today goes well.
Warmest wishes
Jo Clifton”