June - July Willow Days All Fully Booked

All June – July Willow Days are now fully booked (… except for 1 place at the Willow Bird Sculpture Day on Thursday 18th June).
I released these dates to my MailChimp list on Thursday 13th February and have experienced an incredible demand for places.  A number of my Willow Animal Sculpture & Basket Days were fully booked within hours.  Thank you so much.
I do however realise that even if you are on my MailChimp list you may have missed out on booking a place or places.  This may have been simply because before booking you were either waiting to hear back from friends or family if they could make a particular Willow Day date, or like me, you don’t get a chance to check your emails everyday and lead busy lives.
Even more so, if you are not signed up to my MailChimp list you will not have even found out about my Willow Day dates before they became fully booked.
So what do you do now if you wish to weave willow with me at one of my Willow Days?
You are still more than welcome to sign up to my publicity mailing list (with MailChimp) by going to my website Contact page.  This will enable you to receive about 3 times a year details and dates of all my future Willow courses prior to me releasing these to the general public.  I will be releasing my September – December 2020 dates in June.
It is still worth looking at the current availability of Willow Days www.sarahlebreton.co.uk/courses on my Courses Page over the next couple of weeks.  This is because occasionally I do allocate places to people who subsequently forget to secure their places through paying or very occasionally I do get cancellation places.  Cancellation places are advertised on my website News page and if I get the chance to, I email my waiting/cancellation list, (and sometimes, if time allows, I do try to phone around too!)
Also, I do offer a gift voucher service for my Willow Days.  If you are interested in this, please do check out the gift voucher details at www.sarahlebreton.co.uk/courses .  To ensure as much as possible that those who have received a gift voucher get to be on their chosen Willow Day, I send out a priority gift voucher publicity email prior to course dates being released to my MailChimp list or anywhere else. 
Please note that it is highly unlikely I will be teaching Willow Animal Sculpture Days, (including individual Reindeer, Hare Days etc.) this Autumn.  I have put an extract from my latest MailChimp newsletter on my website News page at www.sarahlebreton.co.uk/latest-willow-day-dates-courses-news/  to explain my reasons.
Thank you for all your understanding and support, Sarah X