Wow - Lots of Love for Willow Weaving!!!

Since releasing my June – July 2020 dates in my MailChimp newsletter yesterday lunchtime I’ve already received 45 bookings.  Thank you so much!

I’m now working through your booking requests in time order.  I promise that I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Once you receive my reply email, please do follow the payment instructions and I will then confirm that you have secured your places.

I have just posted the new availability for each Willow Day on my Courses page, but I can already see that I’ve had over double the amount of bookings for the Willow Animal Sculpture Days on the 11th June and the 25th July than places available.  This does mean that there will be disappointment – I’m really sorry.  If you have missed out on a place on one of these dates I will get back to you and hopefully I can accommodate you with a second choice of Willow Day.

I will be attempting to reply to all your bookings as well as basket making training today in Somerset with master craftsman Eddie Barnard and teaching tomorrow my new Garden Basket at Coates English Willow.  Please be patient with me whilst I work through your bookings!

Thank you also so much for all your kind comments on the booking forms.  It does really make a difference to me to know how much love there exists for willow weaving and what I’m passionate about, especially on Valentine’s Day!  Sarah X